Acta of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent


The purpose of the study is to develop a technology for the development of new structures of shape-stable weft on the basis of jacquard weave and analysis of technological parameters and physical and mechanical properties of plush Jersey.. Several variants of plush knitwear have been developed, which is the percentage of jacquard loops in the weave rapport from 7.14 to 33.3%. Experimental studies have identified the main parameters of the structures of form-resistant plush fabrics, developed fabrics and established the laws of influence of elements of the structure of the Jersey, such as jacquard broaches on the physical and mechanical properties and parameters of the plush Jersey. The article describes the analysis of parameters and physical and mechanical properties of plush Jersey.. The inclusion of elements of jacquard weave in the structure of the weft knit on the basis of jacquard weave has a positive effect on its quality indicators: increases strength, reduces air permeability, shrinkage and extensibility, thus increases the form stability of the Jersey. In determining the form resistance of knitwear is of great importance the proportion of reversible deformation. It is established that with the inclusion of the weft Jersey on the basis of jacquard weave elements of jacquard weave the proportion of reversible deformations increases.

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