Acta of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent


Based on the chemical elements of group IV,the charge state and proximity of the covalent radii of the molecules of the solution-forming components, the possibility of the formation of substitutional solid solutions, such as: Si1 − xGex, Si1 − x Snx, (Si2) 1 − x (SnC) x, is predicted , Ge1 - x Snx,(Ge2)1 - x(SiSn)x,(SiC)1 - x(GeC)x,(GeC)1 - x(SnC)x,(SiGe) 1 - x (SnC) x. Single-crystal films of the substitutional solid solution Niy (Si1-xGex) 1-y (0 ≤ x ≤ 0. 25) were grown on substrates of a bulk single-crystal Si1-xGex by solid-state reaction during annealing under a vacuum condition of 10-7-10-8torr. X-ray diffraction patterns, spectral photosensitivity, and current-voltage characteristics of the obtained p/Si1-xGex - n / Niy (Si1-xGex) 1-y heterostructures were studied. The lattice parameters of the epitaxial film are obtained af = 5.4451323 and the substrate as = 5. 6561. The spectral photosensitivity of p / Si1-xGex - n / Niy (Si1-xGex) 1-y 5heterostructures covers a photon energy range from 0.9 to 2.5 eV. It is shown that the direct branch of the current – voltage characteristics of the studied structures at low voltages (up to 0.5 V) is described by the exponential dependence I = I0 exp (qV / ckT), and at large (V> 0.5 V) the power dependence I ∝ Vα, с values: α = 2 for V = (0. 5−0. 9) V, α = 1. 3 for V = (0. 9−1. 4) V and α = 2 for V> 1.4 V. The experimental results are explained based on the double injection model for the n – p – p structure using the drift mechanism of current transfer in the ohmic relaxation mode, taking into account the inertia of the electron exchange inside the recombination complex.



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